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Sep 16, 2010 12:00pm EDT
situation. we will take it down to david collins. he might have a little more and tell -- intel on what is going on. >> go ahead, david. >> the hospital is in a lot down situation. they have released a statement. they are encouraging faculty, patience, visitors, all staff to remain in their rooms. we have confirmed that a doctor has been shot. the suspect is held up on the eighth floor. they have evacuated non- essential personnel. they're asking everyone who was in the hospital to remain in their rooms. city police have cordoned off an entire city block around the building. the people that are outside of the building walking around are puzzled, and relatively excited about the police presence. it is very calm as people go about their business. the city is responding with a swat team. we saw several members hop out and go into the building. dozens of officers are engaged in traffic and crowd control. it is our understanding that there are a lot of police officers inside of the hospital building. whether or not they have figured out where the gunman is holed up remains to be seen. the la
Sep 21, 2010 2:00pm EDT
when ski republican senator susan collins of may announced she would vote against the bill under the current circumstances. >> i think it's the right thing to do. i think it's only fair. but i cannot vote to proceed to this bill under a situation that will shut down the debate and recollude republican amendments. >> nbc's luke russert joins us from capitol hill. we were expecting the vote 2:30 eastern time. we understand that's been pushed back. the big question is do the democrats have the 60 votes needed to end the gop filibuster? >> right now the indications are that democrats do not have the votes to end the gop filibuster. particularly because of susan collins saying she had problems with the parliamentary procedure going on. susan collins of may wanted an open amount of amendments on the floor for this bill. harry reid wanted only three. that's something they have to work out to discuss how the debate would go on the bill. collins felt the republicans were being shut out. that could mean a deal is being worked out that there's a delay on the vote. we don't necessarily know
Sep 29, 2010 12:00am CDT
nick collins, seen here throwing his mouthpiece at a bears fan. fans continued to shout obscenities, went on back an forth for about a half minute. collins alleges the fan had spit on him and called him the n word. bears fans we spoke with agreed the ugly incident should have been avoided. >> bears fans are pretty crazy but you got to be upped control in that kind of situation. >> the word about racism, i thought it was pretty sad, no fan should ever say anything like that even on the opposing team. >> nick collins had a rough game. he picked off a jay cutler pass but it was nullified by penalties and earlier in the quarter he was called for a late hit on mat forte. the night was kept up by the heated exchange with the bears fan. >>> by the end of the game it was pretty ridiculous. >> i got to say i think it was pretty funny. i like when packers get in it's hilarious. think nick collins is going to be in trouble with the nfl. he is going to face a fine there. not a big fine. he will be in more trouble with his own coaches. >> he says the packers had no business chucking up 18 penalt
Sep 16, 2010 6:30am EDT
to the firing of one dallas police officer. you can see the crews are following andrew collins on a motorcycle. the cruiser appears to hit the bike and collins falls. that's when you see the two officers jump on him and they start hitting him. this video doesn't even show all of what happened. 22 officers showed up and six officers actually made contact with collins. collins was hospitalized but is expected to be okay. no word right now on why these officers attacked him. >>> there are religions based on one god, on multiple gods, even on nature itself, but what about a religion based on body piercings? a girl was suspended from her north carolina high school because she had a nose ring, however she says that she and her mom belong to a church of body modification and says her piercings, it's not a fashion statement, but a spiritual statement. >> the purpose of my nose ring is basically, like, it makes me kind of feel whole. >> we believe the mind, body and soul are all one entity and that by modifying the body, um, you can bring the, you know, the mind and soul into harmony. >> that minister
Sep 17, 2010 6:00am EDT
may or may not happen. i have a couple of questions for you, dr. collins. the first question relates to the impact of the judicial decision. and i have gotten information that more than $500 million has been expended on embryonic stem cell research -- well, actually, three questions. question number one is, what has the impact been on the scientists now using n.i.h. funding for embryonic stem cell research in terms of the uncertainty of the future? number two, what results have been taken in a positive sense, which i know are very good for the more than $500 million already expended? and what has been the consequence of the $10 million in the stimulus package where you informally told me that it has created the tremendous excitement and a new wave of enthusiasm by researchers who had been discouraged by the failure of congress to keep the pace, which we have moved from $12 billion to $30 billion, but failure to keep the pace in funding since 2003? >> senator, thank you for the question. and let me first say how appreciative i am personally and everyone at n.i.h. is for the strong lea
Sep 28, 2010 7:00am EDT
the country. >> collin bauer just reunited with liz boys for the first time in more than a year, he'll tell us about that meeting in an exclusive live interview after your local news and weather. i drive a 2007 camry. i was expecting the 2005 camry, and my sister got it. i was driving the '94 toyota camry, and my dad surprised me with a 2005 toyota camry. [ julie sighs ] i drove all of them, but i drive the 2009. [ interviewer ] why camry? reliability. yeah. affordability. [ male announcer ] share your toyota story on let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time for a check of the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> not pretty out there. dealing with heavy delays on the west side. accident on the out of a just passed 795 blocking two right lanes. this delay stret
Sep 1, 2010 5:00pm EDT
:00 this afternoon, after four hours of a tense situation down in the silver spring area. let's go to pat collins who has been there all afternoon. >> it happen around 4:48 this afternoon. the police chief says that the suspect that was holding three hostages inside the discovery building was shot and wounded. after he was shot, they say some sort of explosive device went off. they're uncertain as to what it was or what it did. he says the three hostages that this man has held now since about 1:00 this afternoon are safe. he speaks the suspect is in custody. he will not say what the condition is of that suspect. this is how chief manger described it moments ago. >> reporter: the suspect was shot by police officers. the device appeared to go off. we haven't confirm it. of this time, we saw some smoke. we may have heard a pop. we haven't confirmed all that informing yet. the hostages, there were three hostages. all the hostages are safe and are out of the building. >> now this all began around 1:00 this afternoon. when the man came into the discovery building, they say he was wearing some metallic cani
Sep 18, 2010 6:00am EDT
testimony friday and past statements she made to police. gary collins and two others are charged with the murder of harris when he tried to leave. prosecutors are relying on d.n.a. evidence and believe they wore gloves to hide evidence. the defense attorney wants to know why she did not mention the defendants having gloves on their hands. >> she said did they wear gloves, no. she never brought up the perpetrateers had gloves until a year later. they asked, and they didn't say anything about it. >> prosecutors believe the security officers who saw surveillance video can identify gary collins as one of the officers. the officer claims collins has a distinct walk. they asked her about a funny walking suspect. >> she made it clear she saw the person enter the bar and then walk all the way around, and she told the police in her original statement this person had no particular limp or weird hitch about his walk. she was clear about that in her statement. on the stand, she kind of forgot about that. >> she described her tror during the robbery saying, i thought i was going to die. she s
Sep 21, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. they say at the very least she will have to use her real name in november. reporting live, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> our coverage continues online anytime at we have a wealth of intermission for you including candid profiles and all of the advertising chats. >> security officials of local hospitals and universities met with the police commissioner today to review emergency response protocols which comes on the heels of last thursday's shooting inside johns hopkins. the commissioner told everyone there is room for improvement. >> the commissioner's meeting was all about security at local colleges, universities, hospitals, and more. he wants to make sure everyone has a specific plan is a crisis happens on campus or other areas of the city. the commissioner is very pleased with the response from not only the baltimore police department but johns hopkins is security after last week's shooting. the department is still investigating and reviewing protocol. in the meantime, they want to make sure they have plans in place at all the local colleges and universities. they want
Sep 24, 2010 6:00pm EDT
the airwaves. david collins is looking into those claims from our studio. >> a lot of people have seen or at least heard about it. it claims that andy harris endorses a 23% increase in the sales tax. it makes it seem as if he wants this on top of all the other taxes. it fails to mention that the proposal, currently stalled in congress, would replace the federal income tax and abolish the irs. >> can you imagine paying 23% sales tax on everything you buy? that is andy harris's unfair plan. >> it is misleading. it is part of the fair tax act, currently stalled in congress. it would replace federal income tax, implement tax, personal gains tax -- employment tax, personal gains tax, social security, medicare taxes. >> we have to believe in our system and process. >> he appears noncommittal. "i can support a flat tax or the fair tax." is spokesperson would not even go that far. when asked if he supported the fair tax act, his spokesperson repeatedly said he supported anything that would lower the tax burden for all americans. here is how the 23% tax would work. it would be levied once at th
Sep 28, 2010 2:00pm EDT
for collin bou waward. he's about to see his two boys. he's nervous. it's been 13 months since he last saw them and hugged them and kissed them. >> the thought of actually seeing my children -- it's almost an incredible thing to me at this point. i've been promised it and looked forward to it for so long. it seems unreal. >> reporter: this american dad traveled to cairo several times trying to bring his kids home to massachusetts. no luck. desperate to reach them, he makes facebook videos. >> daddy loves you. daddy will always love you. >> collin and his wi got divorced in boston in 2008. collin won sole custody. but last summer his ex-wife took the kids, forged their passports and snuck them into her native egypt. an international arrest warrant has been issued, her face plastered on the interpol website wanted for kidnapping. but egypt hasn't cooperated. earlier this month collin pled for help. >> i have no idea where they are. nobody is told where they are. i've been told the egyptian government knows where they are. >> but the egyptian government won't tell you? >> egyptian government
Sep 20, 2010 8:00pm EDT
the moderates they beat were doing. alaska's a great example. >> to that point, susan collins of maine told "the times," it is a new and shocking development to have a member of our conference, and she means senator demint, opposing incumbent republicans. is it, in fact, shocking at this point, or is it mostly shocking to her, because now it might be hitting close to home? >> the shock should have come in may, when bob bennett went down to utah. that wasn't a secret. and that was a safer situation, though. republicans like her were not quite as worried about utah, because that didn't endanger their risk of taking the senate. someone like olympia snowe, someone like susan collins stand some chance of power in the new senate and they're going to lose it if delaware goes or alaska goes to murkowski and she caucuses the wrong away or if it goes to crist and he caucuses the wrong way. and it is unusual. i mean, democrats may be have a little bit -- for all their messiness, have a little bit more ideological discipline. the dnc spent a lot of money propping up ben nelson during the health care debate.
Sep 21, 2010 11:00am EDT
-time gay rights activist lady gaga travelled to maine yesterday early and susan collins and olympia snowe to vote for the bill. nbc's luke russert joins us live now from capitol hill to talk about this. luke, with at least one democratic senator indicating that he'll vote against this bill, do the democratess really have the 60 votes they need to move forward? >> right now, thomas, according to sources that i have spoken to, it does not look like democrats have the 60 votes to break the filibuster on this bill. one of the key problems with this, aside from the democratic senator that you mentioned, snowe and collins of maine, two republicans that go on to break filibusters. voted for don't ask don't tell out of committee and both have problems with the parliamentary process and usually when you have a bill of this magnitude sometimes an open amendment process and bring up relevant issues and in this case harry reid is worried that republicans will bring up amendenedments on this bill that can prove to be controversial before an election season. because of him limiting the amendments, snow
Sep 30, 2010 12:00pm EDT
with meteorologist sandra shaw and john collins. >> good afternoon. it has been wet so far, approaching 3 inches of rain a tv hill alone. here is the doppler radar is showing moisture streaming up from the south. just to give you an idea of what is going on, it is a very narrow band of moisture. you can see that ocean city has been barely affected by this, with a few showers passing through the area. what is in a little bit on maryland alone. -- we want to zoom in a little bit on maryland alone. just show you the moisture streaming across the area. these individual cells that are moving through, some of the potential of producing strong, gusty winds. some of them have produced a thunderstorm warnings, even though we're not saying a lot of thunder or lightning and this at all. these are the areas where the most intense rain is falling. these don't spend a lot of time over any one area, but they do produce a brief downpours of heavy rain, and then you get numerous ones coming up. it is almost too fast to keep track of this stuff. earlier this morning we had a couple that had the potential for prod
Sep 22, 2010 10:00am EDT
. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you very much, senator collins, for that excellent statement. secretary napolitano, welcome. let's begin with you. >> thank you, mr. chairman. senator collins, members of the committee, for the opportunity to be here today to testify on the terrorist threat to the united states and what d.h.s. is doing to combat it. i'm very pleased to be here as well with my colleague, the director of the f.b.i., the director of the nctc. we do a lot of this work together. as has been alluded to in our opening comments the threat of terrorism is constantly evolving and over the past years it has become more and more diverse. it is diverse filing in terms of sources. it is die first filing in terms of tactics. it is die first filing in terms -- diverse filing in terms of targets. in terms of sources the threat of terrorism is now emerging from more places than it was on 9/11. while al qaeda itself continues to threaten the united states, al qaeda also inspires an array of affiliated terrorist groups. some of these like the one in somalia have not tried to attac
Sep 3, 2010 6:00am EDT
. jury selection is expected to last five days. charles mcganey, gary collins, and jerome williams are charged with murder in the shooting death of ken harris. he has stopped by a lounge to use the restroom. he and the club owner were ambushed in a robbery attempt 3 har. harris was shot in the back as he attempted to leave the scene. it will be hard to find an iimpartial panel. >> a lot of people are not going to want to sit on it because they may have known as the victim or they have heard so much about it that they already have formed an opinion. >> prosecutors are expected to call as many as 50 witnesses to the stand, including the woman who said she was with harris the night he was killed. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is a first of its kind experiment. early voting begins today and it will run through the ninth of the month. leaders of the democratic and republican parties met to encourage voters to take the venice of the process. >> as the leaders of our party, we will work however we can to make sure that early voting is safe and secure and that every vote will
Sep 5, 2010 9:00am EDT
sunday morning. >> first, let's take a look outside the meteorologist john collins with this great weather. >> this will never happen again. that is what we were thinking. this is nice especially after the summer we had. we had an awful winter. the summer was very hot. we are about to break a record here as far as 90's are concerned. this is perfect. we are in the right. to get some ice temperatures. current conditions come at the airport officially 67 degrees. a 45% humidity. 32 for the barometric pressure. west met -- west when that 9 miles per hour. the morning low this morning was 53 degrees which was a couple of hours ago. not a record. the record is 47 degrees. plausibly clout side with low humidity. -- pleasantly cold outside. details on the rest of the weekend coming up. >> a baltimore city family once just as one year after a loved one was murdered. he was fatally shot after visiting a friend. more on what is family is doing to keep his memory and a murder case alive. >> only those who have lost a child know what they're going through right now. >> it is tearing apart my h
Sep 11, 2010 6:00am EDT
let's go to john collins with the weather. it is looking a little fallish. >> there are a lot of leaves on the ground. >> it is a pain for people with pools out there. i don't have one, but people who have one say it is a pain. look at our satellite. a few scattered clouds for the bay eastward. they don't show up well on this particular image, but out to the west, you can see in eastern kentucky and tennessee and out in indiana, that rain sneaking in from the west. there is a weather system out there, and it will come in tomorrow, not today. so today would look ok. kind of a 50/50 slit split for the weekend. details ahead. >> our big story today marks the ninth anniversary of the september tror attack. >> this year the anniversary has been overshadowed by a planned islamic cultural center near ground zero and the planned burning of the koran by a florida pastor. >> despite a heated debate around a proposed mosque at ground zero and plans by one florida pastor to burn copies of the koran, today, nine years after tror struck, the focus returns to remembering the victims. ceremon
Sep 11, 2010 8:00am EDT
top stories in a minute, but first we will check with john collins. >> it is chile. it is autumn-like. autumn is not start for a few more weeks. we did have a little chill this morning. the skies cleared out. look to the west. there is quite a bit of rain in eastern kentucky and tennessee, moving out of illinois. that is ahead of a cool front. that cool front has a lot of moisture in front of it. it is coming our way. it is a good thing. we could use some rain. not a great thing, because it is a weekend. we will try to split the weekend 50/50. it is all coming up. >> thank you. today marks the 9 -- the ninth anniversary of the september a lot of terrorist attacks. >> there has been controversy of the planned islamic center near ground zero, and the plan burden of the koran. >> despite a heated debate over a proposed mosque and flans by a for the tester to burn copies of the koran, today, the focus returns to remembering the victims. ceremonies in new york, virginia, and pennsylvania pay tribute to the victims killed when terrorists hijacked four commercial planes. in lower manhat
Sep 28, 2010 7:00am EDT
ahead, stink bug invasion across the country. >> collin bauer just reunited with liz boys for the first time in more than a year, he'll tell us about that meeting in an exclusive live interview after your local news and weather. i drive a 2007 camry. i was expecting the 2005 camry, and my sister got it. i was driving the '94 toyotcamry, and my dad surprised me with a 2005 toyota camry. [ julie sighs ] i drove all of them, but i drive the 2009. [ interviewer ] why camry? reliability. yeah. afforbility. [ male announcer ] share your toyota story on let's raise a glass to cookies just out ofhe oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the oginal lactose-free milk. towers". >>> good morning. it's 7:26 on a tuesday. an investigation is under way after a massive fire in fauquier county. a volunteer firefighter took video of ts. 250 animals were inside. all be five made it out. that's far more than originally thought to have made it out. we'll take a bre
Sep 21, 2010 5:30pm PDT
: 60 votes were needed. it came down to a handful of senators including maine republican susan collins. she backs repeal of the 17-year-old ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, but she opposed a limit on amendments. >> i think we should welcome the service of these individuals who are willing and capable of serving their country. but i cannot vote to proceed to this bill under a situation that is going to shut down the debate and preclude republican amendments. that too is not fair. >> lehrer: it was clear that most republicans opposed repeal of don't ask don't tell on its face. they included james inhoff of oklahoma. >> it's a political mistake, a dumb thing to do to try to use the defense authorization bill in times of war to advance a liberal agenda. what is that? to have open gays serving in the military. >> lehrer: supporters of repeal argued the bill's language would authorize it only after a pentagon survey of troops and after the president certifies morale would not be affected. connecticut independent democrat joseph lieberman. >> that provision does not go
Sep 1, 2010 4:00pm EDT
in with pat collins. pat? >> reporter: the captain, we just heard him say there wasn't much news since the chief talked but he did say a couple thing of interest. he said as far as police are concerned, there are no known injuries as a result of this incident at the discovery building here in silver spring. he said they are in contact with the suspect. they have been in contact with the suspect since about 1:15 this afternoon. they have a line of communications with them. he said he believes that is by telephone. again, this all began around 1:00 this afternoon when police just descended on this area after there was a report of a man who came into the discovery building and that he had metallic canisters attached to his body. he had a gun, a handgun and he was waving it around and he will everybody to stand still. stay still. at that point an alert went out into the discovery building telling employees to take cover. lock themselves in their offices. the police came and surrounded this building. the s.w.a.t. team was deployed. they made a sweep of the building where they could. they es
Sep 16, 2010 8:00pm EDT
collins. dr. collins is no stranger to all of us here and to the subcommittee. dr. collins was sworn in last year as the 16th director of the national institute of health. noted for her discovery of disease and outstanding leadership for the heat -- human genome project. shoot -- he received his m.d. from the university of north carolina at chapel hill. last august, he was confirmed unanimously by the united states senate to be our 16th director of the national institute of help. dr. collins, welcome back. your statement will be entered part of the record in its entirety. i have the clock set at 10 minutes. please take deadliest of that amount of time. -- please take at least that amount of time. give us your thoughts and your views on where we are with every on its debt -- stem cell research and the whole area of stem cell research and what the status is right now. >> thank you. good morning. q -- i will make an abbreviated version of what is in a written statement. thank you for the opportunity to describe some of the exciting science. i have some visual aids that will convey some
Sep 26, 2010 6:00pm PDT
's the right thing to do. i think it is only fair. >> susan collins on the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell. " she was fort until some attachments went on to the bill. >> now is not the time t play politics. sent a because an election is looming in a few weeks. >> i can't think of a better reason. >> i think this was pre- ordained bringing it up was political and susan collins' vote against it was political and she has to live in her party. the same is true on the disclosure bill for finances. >> there is a slight mr. bent station in the presentation of the issue. she did not change her mind on don't ask, don't tell. he locked into three ideas at once, don't ask, don't tell, 2 million illegal agreements, and the defense authorization. the republican objection was that if you give us a vote up and down separately -- richard lugar is a sponsor of the dream act. he voted against this because even though he supports the dream act he said he has 15 other objections of other elements and he will not accept it shoved down his throat. that is why the republicans opposed to this. >> harry reid added
Sep 21, 2010 5:30pm PDT
? >> reporter: they chose maine trying to win over senator susan collins, a moderate republican. >> i think it's the right thing to do. i think it's only fair. >> reporter: but today, collins and all republicans voted "no." >> it's totally political and all set up for the november 2nd election. >> reporter: republicans claim democrats were rushing to fire up the voters and refused to wait for a december pentagon report on changing the policy. democrats say top brass already want to end the ban. >> secretary gates, a republican? decides this policy must change, because there's an election coming up? of course not. >> reporter: and democratic leaders have tried to pass the repeal by adding it on to a big military spending package. and two democrats voted no, both from arkansas, including senator blanche lincoln who is at serious risk of losing her seat in november. brian? >> and the whole mess in washington continues for another day. kelly o'donnell with our report. thanks. >>> this has been an awful day for americans in afghanistan. nine u.s. service members killed this morning when their chopp
Aug 31, 2010 7:00pm PDT
to iraq with 50,000 american troops staying there in a support role. nicole collins is in washington for more. >> this was no mission accomplid moment as one white house aid put it. it's more like a change in aid moment. >>> at a cost of more than 4,400 military killed, the combat mission in iraq is over after more than seven years. >> the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of their people. we have met our responsibility. >> but in a prime time address from the oval office, they said the united states commitment to a self reliant iraq continues. >> troops will remain in iraq with a different mission, advising and assisting iraq troops. >> republican leaders in congrey america's success in iraq is not because of president barack obama, but inpiet of him because as a senator he opposed the surge that many credit for turning the tide of the convict. the top house republicans said this in a vail swipe. >> one lawmaker rejected the ida saying and again i'm quoting, in fact, i think we will do the reverse. >> with one combat mission compe , presiden
Sep 2, 2010 12:30am PDT
it is ben collins. he won his battle to reveal himself as the mystery driver. the bbc had tried to prevent him bringing out an autobiography, but the high court ruled the book could go ahead. >> we are thrilled about the outcome. we are looking forward to being able to share his story. he has an amazing story. it will have a wide appeal to anyone. >> the bbc defended breaking this case, saying in had a duty to protect a character. >> the mystery surrounding his identity has been an important part of the show's success. it is one of the biggest exports internationally. its audience is more than 350 million people. it is watched in 90 countries with much of the money poured back into programs here. >> he is -- this is bound to be disappointment for the show's team. >> between 2005 and three weeks ago, i was me [unintelligible] this other person has written this thin book about being a stig has a nerve. >> collins still has some characteristics, remaining silent as he left court, but that will not last long. he is free to tell his story. >> a hippopotamus born two weeks ago has appeared in pu
Aug 31, 2010 11:00pm EDT
-- a judge ruled that the security guard who identified gary collins can testify. germain rate told police he recognized collins's the distinct walk and recognize the other suspect from a prior arrest. defense argued that the jury should be allowed to make it termination after watching the video. but that motion was denied. . we have some late breaking news to tell you about. baltimore city police have made an arrest in a drowning at the harbor two years ago. he was last seen walking with friends in august 2008. his body was discovered hours later in the water just off light street. 20-year-old wayne black has been arrested and charged with the apostate -- charged with gupta's murder. the fraternal order of police and fire fighters union display solidarity today in the pride they have in protecting the citizens of baltimore. many stood underneath of their billboard reminding baltimore they will continue to serve and protect despite their legal battle with city hall. >> it is another reminder to city hall that, despite the city turning their back on police and fire as it relates to our pension
Sep 3, 2010 5:30am EDT
it that they are going to be excluded because they have already formed an opinion. >> charles mcganey, gary collins, and jerome williams are charged with murder in the death of ken harris. he stopped by a lounge to use a restroom. he was ambushed. one of the suspects shot harris in the back as he tried to leave the scene. the attorney for gary collins said dna can be a big issue. >> our unknown individuals involved in the dna samples concerning my client. it is not just a single source dna. is the dna of him and other people, other unknown individuals. and then what cannot be excluded is a number of people listed, including some of the witnesses. >> jury selection is going to be tough. nearly half of the potential jury pool said five weeks would be a hardship and they could not do it. more people said they had been a victim of a crime or they knew someone who was paired others said they needed to speak to the judge privately about their reasons to not hear the case. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 73 degrees on tv hill. >> welcome back. some clouds out there downtown. 79 degrees. a warm st
Sep 6, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have more coverage on our website all of the ad checks are there as well under the politics section. state attorney general douglas chancellor is warning candidates and their supporters to remember truth in advertising. that warning comes after reports of handouts on behalf of candidates that falsely implied endorsement by both state and local leaders. a.g.'s says of complaints about deceptive practices will be investigated. >> it is to be expected, a campaign sign vandalism is happening in baltimore county. police are investigating. one candidate affected -- she says someone used a box cutter or razor to cut out the middle of 12 per signs. she is running for baltimore county councilwoman. she claims it happen sometime between 2:00 and 9:00 a.m. this morning in pikesville. >> it is a malicious act. the signs are part of the democratic process. it is part of running for local government -- getting name recognition. it is distressing that people would go to these lengths. >> she says the sign should encourage people to vote to and replacing
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm EDT
collins is live at the scene with more. >> the blood trail is two blocks long. ins here at the corner of oliver and maryland avenue you can see the blood stain on the wall. even though the victim had just been stabbed, he tried to take a picture of the suspect using his cell phone. university of baltimore law school students on an in from the blood through the class. it came from the 37-year-old the stabbing victim keith. around 5:30 p.m. on monday, he was approached by three teenagers. when asked if he had change for a $5 bill. according to the incident report, the victim said he did not have any money. seconds later, he felt a sharp stab on the right set of his back. >> one suspect was out a knife and stabbed the victim in the back. he received it on to a long as a result of his injuries. >> this happened in the middle of the law school can -- law school complex. surveillance cameras videotaped the suspects. school officials said it was so large a conceit glistening in the sun. the victim tried to photograph his attackers with his cell phone camera. he managed to provide a good desc
Sep 13, 2010 6:00pm EDT
live from west baltimore, david collins, wbal- tv 11 news. >> we have a voter's guide. learned where they stand of the issues important to you. there is a link to find your polling place all on >> we now know the names of the two people found dead on saturday night. howard county police say these two both died from gunshot wounds. one of their children reportedly found a couple inside their home on bonnie ridge place. there was no sign of forced entry. they were trying to figure it this was a case of domestic violence. >> testimony began today in the murder trial for three men accused of killing former city councilman ken harris. the jurors listened to the woman inside the car with terrace when he was shot. barry simms is a live at courthouse east with the details. >> monica robinson had to relive a terrifying experience telling the jury about what happened when ken harris was shot and killed. even the woman who was in the till -- in the car with former councilman ken harris cannot identify the man who pulled the trigger. she told them he was wearing a white mask with a r
Sep 16, 2010 5:00am EDT
andrew collins on his motorcycle. one of the officers has been fired. two have been suspended. three of the six officers now face felony charges. collins has been released on bond. lawyers for a soldier are asking the judge to move their military trial off the texas army post. lawyers say hasan's he cannot get a fair trial. a military officer will determine if there is enough evidence for a trial. he is charged with 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. >> massar it is helping its employees find new jobs. kennedy space center is partnered to close a job fair. it will host 40 potential job employers. this will be much like the job fair held back in june. this will include workshops to prepare employees for future opportunities. 64 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> getting a traffic ticket, you probably were not in the best of moods. this wasn't the case for one florida man. that story straight ahead. >> we're checking on your morning commute. there is fire activity in glen >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather pl
Sep 17, 2010 6:00pm EDT
said anything about it. >> prosecutors believe a security officer can identify gary collins as one of the robbers. the officers claim collins has a distinct wall. >> miss showers made it very clear that she saw the person into the bar and then walk all the way around, and she said that this person had no particular lamp or weird hitch about his wall. she was very clear about that in her statement. i understand she kind of forgot about that. >> showers described her terror during the robbery, saying i thought i was going to die. she said she tried to remember everything. i was very upset. i had learned someone had gotten murdered. one beat snatched her purse. police discovered bandannas in her purse. >> i found it odd that they talked to were the morning after the alleged incident, and two days after, they brought her in for the sole purpose of going through the items in the person to identify what was hers and what was not. the talk about the gloves, shoes, the 9 millimeter casing, but never mentioned these bandanas that a claim or in the purse and never covered it. i wonder why th
Sep 21, 2010 11:00pm EDT
identified gary collins because of its distinctive walk. and he identified mcganey in a lineup. the defense said he was not supposed to be working at the shopping center at the time, thus making his identifications in ballet. >> what is in a name? the state board of elections is investigating allegations a baltimore county state candidates -- state senate candidates used a fake name to wende the primary last friday. david collins has more on this bizarre story. >> rebeccah nelson pak-af native american, says she has a clean spirit and maintains the state board of elections told her what to do. she says they told her to put her bacchanals and on the ballot, rather than her given name, rebecca lynn nelson. of >> you are banking on the family name to win office. >> no, i'm begging on the fact that people know my family's character. >> the complaint comes out of two points, by violating that she -- the complaint was made by her opponent. he also questioned her trustworthiness. back in 2007 she was charged with second-degree assault during a property dispute that involved her addiction. >> you t
Sep 25, 2010 11:00pm EDT
with the smarter card. >> john collins has more on what is turning out to be a really great forecast for tomorrow's home opener, plus pete gilbert has a preview of what the team bases when they take on the grounds. you can watch the newer jets and the miami dolphins tomorrow night during sunday night football. it is followed by 11 news and then gerry sandusky along with pete gilbert and ravens coverage in the ravens wrap up. in tonight's commitment 2010 report, governor martin o'malley has gained the support of the largest aid workers government. the state lodge of the fraternal order of police gave its endorsement to republican bob ehrlich. here is a look at the latest television ad from the bomb early campaign. the ad slams the b g e rates, a major issue during the 2006 election, an issue that ehrlich claims o'malley promised to fix. that shows a clip of o'malley talking about a better economy, but the employment rate at -- an employment rate has increased. in baltimore city, the search continues tonight for the gunman who shot a man on the city's northwest side. police a shot refer shortly bef
Sep 16, 2010 5:30am EDT
, but none of them can say with certainty that charles mcganey, gary collins or jerome williams are the men who did it. their testimony was contradictory to the number of shots they thought earing, o the number of suspects that carried out tte crime. >> everyone is assuming that the peeple outside of theebar were the people nside of the bar to the people that went to the sidú of theebar. >> the state is banking on surveillance video and dna evidence to conninne jurors,ú that mcggney, collins, and williams are guilty. back commissioner fred bealefeld tied the williams dna to the halloween mask. witnesses say that the suspectt wore the mask on the night off3 the murder. >>> fire offiiialsssay 26 years old ainsly gordon of germantown doused his car with 12 gallons of gasoline and then ignited. it happened at an exxon station off of interstate 270. investigators aree have ruled ol accidental causes. >>> have you seen the billboard ú%der funding police and fire. >> police and fire are standing by city residents despite city haal turning their back on them. >> they're upset that the city ha
Sep 2, 2010 11:00pm EDT
, buckle up and of course never drink and drive. >> reporter: all state ranked fort collins colorado the safest city in the country to drive. this study didn't take population into account. obviously, fort collins is a lot smaller than baltimore. back to you. >> thank you, kai. it's estimated that there are 58 million miles of traffic in baltimore every year. >>> the national aquarium is a landmark with its nighttime lights. tonight the wave went modern to celebrate the aquarium's anniversary. a live look at it right now, looks just the same as it did before, but they are energy efficient. >>> we're going to need a bigger boat. just minutes away, it's not quite jaws but you won't believe one maryland fisherman landed. >>> could you kitchen be putting your family in danger? shocking new statistics about your home. >>> we're closely monitoring hurricane earl as it moves closer to the region. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete forewarn weather forecast, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> you're looking live now at kill devil hills north carolina where hurricane earl is bringing in high winds.
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